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Union Information Posting Boards

Every unit of UAW Local 1268 has union boards that official union information is posted on. 

These boards were negotiated in your contract.  It is very important for you to know where these boards are located.  These boards contain information on the general membership and unit meetings, election nomination time frames and the results, proposed by-law changes to communication from your Local Leadership and International Leadership. Please check your boards. Some information, such as election notices and proposed by-law changes, are only posted on the union boards.

Contact your leadership for board locations.

Unit 1-Team Leaders are also notified via email. If you are not receiving a copy ask your Team Leader to print one, and than please share it, so all members are kept informed.

Units 2-16- All unit chairs are notified via e-mail of upcoming events and the leaflets are also placed in their mailboxes at the hall. Please ask your stewards, committeepersons or unit chair where your union board is located.
The unit chairs shall distribute all UAW 1268 leaflets, Bi-Weekly Newsletters, Union Voice publications, committee events, and fundraisers.

All leaflets, newsletters, Union Voices and event notifications can be found at

Due to the potential impact of being uninformed, your participation in staying informed will be beneficial to the membership as a whole. You Are The Union - be informed!
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