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How do I get paid for Jury Duty?

When you receive a letter (a summons) with the date and time you need to serve you can give a copy of this letter to your BUL or let them know what day you will be missing and why. In the letter you receive from the courts (the summons) there will be a number to call after 5:00 pm the night before you are to appear for jury duty. If you call this number and they tell you that you are no longer needed, you must show up for work! If you are told by the recording that you are still to appear for jury duty, you must then call the company attendance line and tell them that you will be absent due to jury duty. Yes, even though you have already told your BUL. Before you leave from jury duty, they may pass out $10.00 checks or you may receive it at a later date. Unless the company rules change, you can cash the check and keep the money for yourself. You should recieve a notorized letter from the court stating the dates you were on jury duty. Make sure you scan and submit this letter through the Kiosk. If you do not submit this information before the end of that week's pay period they might refuse you payment. You should keep a photocopy for your own records. (Units 2-11 please check with your union steward for your companies policy on jury duty.)

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