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Since 1935, the UAW has been a leader in the fight for progressive policies and programs
that have given millions of Americans
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Local 1268 is an Amalgamated Local with a membership of over 6,000 active and retired brothers and sisters. Our union is a diverse one; we are of many races, creeds and religions. We stand for not only equal rights in the workplace but also in the communities we live in. The standards set forth by unions are enjoyed throughout the country and that is something to be proud of! We are a social movement and we must continue our fight to keep America’s unions strong and prosperous.


Local UAW 1268 is an Amalgamated Local consisting of 10 units:

Unit 1- FCA Group Belvidere Assembly Plant

Unit 2- Johnson Controls

Unit 4- Android

Unit 5- syncreon

Unit 7- Oakley Industries

Unit 8- Grupo Antolin

Unit 9- TRI-DIM

Unit 12- Boone County Clerks

Unit 13- MacLellan

Unit 14- syncreon II

Unit 15- Piston

Unit 16- Boone County Recorders

The monthly membership meetings are held on the last Saturday of the month at Noon at the 1268 Union Hall.



Our purpose is to inform, update and provide our members, active as well as retired, with accurate information, timely and important alerts for special meetings, as well as reminders of upcoming events, useful information and helpful links. It is also our goal to encourage the membership's involvement and to strenghen solidarity amongst our brothers and sisters. 

Tue Sep 24
Unit 5 syncreon Shift Meeting
Wed Sep 25 @02:30 -
Womens Committee Meeting
Wed Sep 25 @02:30 -
Sportsmen's Committee Meeting
Thu Sep 26
Unit 4 Android Shift Meeting
Thu Sep 26 @12:00 -
Retiree Chapter Meeting
Sat Sep 28 @07:00 -
Comedy Night
Sat Sep 28 @08:00 - 05:00PM
Motorcycle Committee Meeting
Sat Sep 28 @11:15 -
CAP Committee Meeting
Sat Sep 28 @11:15 -
Union Label Committee Meeting
Sat Sep 28 @12:00 -
Membership Meeting