What happens at a Membership Meeting

What happens at a Membership Meeting?

Local Union 1268 Membership Meetings
This information was taken from our Local By-Laws (Article 6, page 3).
Simple Meeting Agenda:

1. Meeting called to order
2. Roll call/ Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence
3. Reading of the previous minutes
4. Financial report
5. New members sworn in
6. Board recommendations and communications
7. Officer and committee reports
8. Old business
9. New business
10. Good & Welfare

“At times we may deviate from our regular order of business to hear a speaker or special guest, then business would resume as usual. Under Board recommendations and communications, whatever decisions or money is spent out of this hall would fall under this section. The actual dollar amount comes under financial report. New business is where you would address questions or issues that are on your mind.”
Our By-Laws state that a quorum shall consist of seventy (70) members or five percent (5%) of the membership, whichever is less, based on the previous month’s per capita payment to the International Union. In Section 5 (a) it states that the lack of a quorum shall not be considered sufficient cause to dispense with the attendance requirements of all elected and appointed Union officials, Section 5 (b) states that when there is not a quorum, there shall be an informal meeting consisting of officer reports, committee reports, communications, and a discussion period. In Section 6 our By-Laws states that any member who attends a meeting in an intoxicated condition and/or creates a disturbance or becomes unruly, shall lose voice and his right to vote at said meeting. All questions of a parliamentary nature shall be decided by Roberts Rules of Order-Revised.