Sub Committees


A sub-committee of the Civil & Human Rights Committee that works to ensure equality for LGBTQIA+ families by building community awareness and advancing social justice for all families.

Chairperson: Angela Nevitt-Galbreath
Members: Nichelle Cruz

UAW Local 1268 Workers With Pride Committee | Facebook



A sub-committee of the Veterans Committee that likes to explore the mysteries of the unknown.

Chairperson: Linda Montes
Members: Mary Carmack and Bonnie Kirchner

Uaw Local 1268 Paranormal Committee | Facebook


UAW Riders

The UAW Riders Committee was established in 2017. It is a sub-committee of our Veterans Committee. Members raise awareness of Motorcycle Safety for Riders and Non-Riders alike for fun and safe Motorcycle riding along with supporting local Charities.

Chairperson: Patricia Bonner
Members: Justo Diaz, Antonio Kemp and Todd Heylmann



A sub-committee of the Recreation Committee that promotes through education the importance of good sportsmanship and the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources.

Chairperson: Aaron Burns
Members: Chuck Cummo, Alex Staunch, Thomas Cruz, Marlin Ree, Rich Hall, Denise Mirshak, Alex Lerma, Jake Howald, Jayson Rhodes, Doug Simms, and Tim Breeden

Sportsmen Committee/Big Buck Contest | Facebook