Standing Committees


Monitors and maintains our Local Union Bylaws making sure existing bylaws conform to our International Constitution. This committee also researches and acts upon any new bylaws that are submitted.

Chairperson: Mary Bingenheimer
Vice Chairperson: Dawn Simms
Recording Secretary: Trina Holmes
Members: Mike Moe, Marilyn Spradling (Retiree), Alvin Scott, Michelle Carlson, and Dawn Rogers 

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The in-plant political arm of the Local Union is the basic link to our members concerning legislative issues and elections that affect us as workers, and trade union families.

Chairperson: Mary Carmack
Vice Chairperson: Mike Moe
Recording Secretary: Secretary: Dawn Rogers
Members: Cheri Bartlet (Retiree), Marilyn Spradling (Retiree), Charrise Staten, Stacey Cheek, Justo Diaz, Arline Simmons, and Mary Bingenheimer

Citizenship and Legislative (CAP) Committee | UAW


Community Service

Works through public and private organizations to ensure that problems faced by our members in emergency situations get the help they need. It handles the strike insurance benefits when local unions are forced to use their economic strength. This committee serves as the local’s link with the community as we all work together to help those in need.

Chairperson: Nichelle Cruz
Members: Yasman Porter, Linda Brenden, Alicia Jones, Yasman Porter, Linda Brenden, Alicia Jones, Angie Nevitt, Mike Dixon, Stacy Cheek and Regina Davidson

Community Services Committee | UAW


Civil and Human Rights

Serves as Guardian over the Local Union's interest to assure the members full rights regardless of religion, race, creed, color, sex, political affiliation, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or handicap. This committee works towards the elimination of discrimination in the workplace, in the community, and the nation. This committee needs members who feel a moral obligation to speak out on the issues of intolerance, injustice and bigotry and to rebuke any person or group that expresses such activity. 

Chairperson: Stacey Cheek
Members: Celena Malvesti, Brandon Webb, Wendy Arrington-Kleczewki, Lisa Marks, Regina Davidson, Nichelle Cruz, Horace Hubbard Jr., Angela Galbreathe-Nevitt, Mike Dixon and Melody Good

Civil and Human Rights Committee | UAW



Works to promote meaningful recreation and leisure activities.

Chairperson: Merilee Underwood
Vice Chairperson: Aaron Burns

Recording Secretary: Christina Hensley 
Members: Leo Dowthard, and Trina Holmes

Conservation and Recreation Committee | UAW



The Education Committee is responsible for building the power of the movement through educating and training members of their local union.

Chairperson: Horace Hubbard
Vice Chairperson: Dawn Tree
Recording Secretary: Joe Fletcher
Members: Arline Simmons and Leonard Dean

Education Committee | UAW


Union Label

Emphasizes the importance of supporting those goods produced in union shops, by union members under union won working conditions. Also warns members about non-union products and anti-labor manufacturers.

Chairperson: Dawn Simms
Vice Chairperson: Michelle Oropeza
Members: Leo Dowthard, Alex Stanuch, Ryan Herman, Trina Holmes and Lisa Cole

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Promotes greater understanding of the UAW’s policies and programs, and to further the objectives of our union in the communities in which we live. Conducts programs which are of special interest to women and encourages women to become active in our union.

Chairperson: Dawn Rogers
Vice Chairperson: Angela Nevitt-Galbreath
Recording Secretary: Cherie Bartelt
Financial Secretary: Marilyn Spradling
Members: Mary Bingenheimer, Linda Brenden, Lisa Cole, Tammy Delrosa, Monica Sago, Pam Pool, Lisa Jindrich, Michelle Oropeza, Laura Acosta and Teri Lightner

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Women's Committee | UAW



UAW Local 1268 Veterans Committee provides needed information to veterans and their families and monitors all legislation dealing with veterans.

Chairperson: Dawn Tree
Members: William (Bill) Perkins, Dawn Tree, Terry Patterson, Patricia Bonner, Monica Sago, Horace Hubbard, Herbert Tree Jr, Joseph Fletcher Jr, Harlan Heaton, Brian Ahlgren, and Chris Vernia

UAW Local 1268 Veterans Committee l Facebook page

UAW Local 1268 Veterans Committee l Facebook group

Veterans Committee | UAW