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Since 1935, the UAW has been a leader in the fight for progressive policies and programs
that have given millions of Americans
the opportunity to realize the
American Dream.

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 Democratic Values - The right to participate fully in democracy
  • Voting - Promote participatory democracy and full suffrage by simplifying, streamlining. and making uniform standards for the registration and voting process. Establish an Election Day holiday for all Americans; pass campaign finance reform; and ultimately replace the current system dominated by corporations and the wealthy with the public financing of campaigns.
  • Organizing - Establish for every worker the real right to organize and belong to a union, complete with effective enforcement and penalties for employer interference.
  • Freedom Abroad - Peacefully promote democracy, human rights, collective bargaining rights, and economic development worldwide through the inclusion of strong, enforceable labor and environmental standards in all trade agreements; oppose the Free Trade Agreement of the Americans (FTTA); repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); promote international solidarity and oppose child labor.
Family Values - The right to a healthy and prosperous family life
  • Healthcare - Establish universal access to affordable quality healthcare through a single payer system; in the immediate, fully fund and strengthen Medicare; add a real prescription drug benefit for seniors; and extend Medicare coverage to children; pass a Patient's Bill of Rights.
  • Retirement Security - Preserve Social Security as a safety net for retirement; promote defined benefit pension plans; protect 401 (k) plans; promote early retirement.
  • Education - Increase funds for education including building improvement, teacher pay, textbook funding; and preschool/before and after school programs; limit class size; make higher education affordable and expand tuition assistance.
  • On the Job - Establish an ergonomics standard; increase funding for OSHA enforcement; and extend family and medical leave to all workers with provision for wage replacement.

Equality and Dignity - The right to equal opportunity

  • Dignity - End discrimination in the workplace, housing, and society.
  • Job Fairness - Equal pay for equal work.
  • Fight Prejudice - Vigorous prosecution of hate crimes; elimination of sexual harassment; abolish racial profiling; promote diversity.

Economic Rights - The right to participate in a fair and just economy

  • Living Wage - Establish a living wage for all Americans; in the immediate, increase the minimum wage and enact automatic cost of living adjustments.
  • Shorter Work Hours - Strengthen wage and hour standards and reduce the standard workweek with no loss of pay; promote full employment and increase and extend unemployment insurance.
  • Fair Taxes - Reestablish a progressive tax system including taxes on inherited wealth; repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%; close tax loopholes for corporations such as offshore tax evasion schemes; return tax rates to their more equitable 1950s levels for corporations and the wealthy.

Community Values - The right to a safe and secure community

  • Public Space - Increase funding for parks, transportation, and other infrastructure improvements; full training and collective bargaining rights for public employees; community policing; no privatization of public services; provide affordable housing.
  • Healthy Environment - Effective regulation of polluters including new laws, increased enforcement of existing law, and funding for technologies to safeguard our air and water.
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