Various questions and instructions for VTEP, Grow-in and Retirement for IDES

  Various questions and instructions for VTEP, grow-in, and retirements related to IDES.

  For those taking the VTEP, you do NOT claim the money you receive.  It is possible that IDES will send you a questionnaire because you will probably red flag the system once you claim IDES Benefits for a week in which FCA reports that they paid you income.  Keep in mind that you were already laid off, at no fault of yours, against your will and so taking money to forego your call back rights is not considered “quitting”.  This also applies to those still working as they are about to be placed on layoff through no fault of theirs.  If you paid yourself out vacation, you do NOT claim in when you certify.  However, we have had an issue in the past where a couple different IDES Judges made the same ruling essentially stating that since the individuals chose to give themselves income for a week they were collecting IDES Benefits, then the income is disqualifying.  Again, when you certify it asks if you received holiday pay, and if you worked.  You still answer truthfully by answering “NO” to those questions.  If IDES sends you an audit form because of a red flag, make sure to fill it out and return it ASAP!  That is where most people got into trouble initially. 

  For those taking the grow-in, if you are certifying during the week of 05/15- 05/19, you are done.  There will not be anything more to do for you.  If you certify the week of 5/22- 5/26, when you certify for the week of 5/7- 5/13 you will answer as normal.  When you certify for the week of 05/14- 05/20 you will answer “YES” to the did you work question, and input the $1000 you will be paid for the week.  This will close your claim.

  For those retiring as of June 1.  It will take extra steps for you to be paid for the last 3 days of 5/29- 5/31.  Before that week, nothing will change.  When you get to that week, you will still answer “NO” to the questions of did you work/ receive holiday pay, but then you will have to answer “YES” to the question regarding retirement/ pension.  It will follow up with a question asking if the amount has changed and you will answer “YES” to that as well.  The bad news is that this will hold up any money from being paid.  As a result of those answers, IDES will send you a questionnaire and request a copy of your pension check.  By the time they request this, it will be around end of June/ beginning of July and you should have that available to send to them.  IDES will then use their formula to determine how much money you are eligible for 05/29- 05/31 and pay you out.  There will be help available at the hall with this as it can be confusing.  Unfortunately, we have been told that this is the only way available to deal with individuals who will be retired as of 06/01. 

  As always if you have specific questions, please call the hall at 815-544-2111 and we will assist.


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                                                                                                                   Michael G. Moe

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