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Since 1935, the UAW has been a leader in the fight for progressive policies and programs
that have given millions of Americans
the opportunity to realize the
American Dream.


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Monitors and maintains our Local Union Bylaws making sure existing bylaws conform to our International Constitution. This committee also researches and acts upon any new bylaws that are submitted.

Chairperson: Jarl "JC" Bengtson
Vice Chairperson: Alvin Scott
Recording Secretary: Etta Clayton

Members: Donna Ball, Andy Ferguson, Auston Gore, Mike Moe and Wanda Salvatelli




The in-plant political arm of the Local Union and is the basic link to our members concerning legislative issues and elections that affect us as workers, and trade union families.

Chairperson: Cory Nathan
Vice Chairperson: Mike Moe

Members: Cheri Bartelt, Jim Colombi, Roger Fischer, Bill Hamilton, Val Hanserd, Keith Helms, Dave Ingram, Denny Logan, Kevin Logan, Gavin Ralston, Cory Rogers, Dawn Rogers, Mike Simms, Edwin Smith, Marilyn Spradling, Charrise Staten, Peggy Schmidt, Jakob Nelson and Jerry Zepplin 






It Shall be the duty of each member/chaplain to render aid and assistance to brother or sister members in cases of illness, death or distress, and in every way acquit her/himself as a loyal and devoted member of the International Union.

Chairperson: Joseph Fletcher

Members: Kym Collier, Stacy Dahle, Ezell Jackson Jr, Brittany Fletcher, Ayanna Bailey, Nina Finucan, Stephen Donald, Luis Dozal and Frankie Pomlee


 Civil & Human Rights

 CH Rights pic

Serves as Guardian over the Local Union's interest to assure the members full rights regardless of religion, race, creed, color, sex, political affliliation, national origin, age, sexual orientation or handicap. This committee works towards the elimination of discrimination in the workplace, in the community, and the nation.

Chairperson: Reggie Hereford
Vice Chairperson: Stacey Cheek
Rec. Sec: Lawanda Fletcher
Fin. Sec: Robin Walker-Blackston
Members: Antone Chatman, Nichelle Cooper-Cruz, Jeanette Curry, Carla Durr, Valerie Hanserd, Lisa Marks, Louis Terrell McCoy, Frankie Pomlee, Eugene Taylor, Larry Walker, Wilbur Brent III, Valdemar Chaidez, Johnny Cruz, Celena Malveshi and Michael Williams
 Community Service


Works through public and private organizations to assure that problems faced by our members in emergency situations get the help they need. Generally handles the strike insurance benefits when local unions are forced to use their economic strength.

Chairperson: Johnnie Jones
Vice Chairperson: Carla Durr

Members: Etta Clayton, Jim Colombi, Nichelle Cooper-Cruz, Johnny Cruz, Jeanette Curry, Stephen Donald, Dannielle Fish, Autumn Harris, Lynne Laures, Terri Lightner, Yasman Porter, Brittany Landis, Mathew Johnson, Brittany Housley, Bernard Banes, Carlton Nabors and Holly Vineyard



 Education Committee

Works with all other committees and the leadership to inform our membership on issues, and mobilize greater solidarity behind the program of our Union.

Chairperson: Horace Hubbard
Vice Chair: Antone Chapman
Rec. Sec: Michael Terronez
Fin. Sec: Mary Bingenheimer

Members: Auston Gore, Johnnie Jones, Gavin Ralston, Monica Sago, Arline Simmons, Wilbur Brent III, Darnell Smith, Don Erdmann and Dawn Tree 



Motorcycle Committee Logo

Chairperson: Patricia Bonner

Members: Keith Dainty, Todd Heylmann, Courtney Lockett, Brad Niles, Alex Propheter, Kevin P. Schaefer, Geno Kuhnwald, Edwin Smith, Zachery Burden, Heinz Haberland, Don Erdmann, Justin Benham, Antonio Kemp, Justo Diaz, Derek Dennison, Ray Smith, Terry Wheeler and Otto Baker Jr.


Paranormal Committee

A sub-committee of the Veterans Committee we explore the existance of the unknnown.

Chairperson: Linda Montes
Vice Chair: Alexandria Schutt
Rec. Sec: Patricia Ellison
Fin. Sec: Brian Heppner
Members: Michelle Oropeza, Cory Rogers, Dawn Rogers, Janet Gualano, Roger Overhouse, Belinda Mickelson, Joseph Bellinder, Mary Carmack, Chrisa Fielder, Genaro Perez Jr. and Darin Dunkin




Works to promote meaningful recreation and leisure activities.

Chairperson: Lynne Laures
Rec. Sec: Tammy Livingston

Members:Trina Holmes, Edgar Moya, Robin Thompson, Ramona Simmons, Holly Vinyard, Alex Lerma, Ayanna Bailey, Andrew Nye, Bennie Gray II, Steven Halsted, Luiz Dozal and James Woodson





 A sub-committee of the Recreation Committee: promotes through education the importance of good sportsmansip and the conservation of wildlife and other nature resourses.

Chairperson: Aaron Burns
Vice Chairperson: Tim Breeden
Recording Secretary: Jayson Rhodes
Members: Chuck Cummo, Melissa Derr, Rich Hall, Larry Jennings, Dennis Propheter, Marlin Ree, Kelly Schwochert, Doug Simms, Thomas Cruz, Denise Mirshak, Christine Pope and Scott Smith 


 Union Label

Emphasizes the importance of supporting those goods produced in union shops, by union members under union won working conditions. Also warns members about non-union products and anti-labor manufacturers.
Chairperson: Alex Stanuch

Members: Laura Acosta, Ricardo Bonetti, Trina Holmes, Joshua Mayborne, Michelle Oropeza, Dawn Simms, Robin Thompson and Valdemar Chaidez



Provides needed information to veterans and their families, and monitors all legislation dealing with veterans.

Chairperson: Dawn Tree
Vice Chairperson: JC Benston
Rec. Sec: Darnell Smith

Members: Donna Ball, Harlan Heaton, Joseph Fletcher, Dennis Gallagher, Elizabeth Gleason, Horace Hubbard, Joe McKee, David Ohman, Terry Patterson, Bill Perkins, Edwin Smith, Ron Sodko, Herbert Tree, Neal Tolodxi, Ryan Vaughn, Daneil Shell, Tasha Allen, Patricia Bonner, Joe Gatz, Brad Mayfield, Shawn Goll, Justin Benham, Jasmine Pirtle and Charley Whitmire Jr.


Rosie making a difference

Promotes greater understanding of the UAW’s policies and programs, and to further the objectives of our union in the communities in which we live. Conducts programs which are of special interest to women, and encourages women to become active in our union.

Chairperson: Dawn Rogers
ViceChairperson: Terri Lightner
Rec. Sec: Cherie Bartelt
Fin. Sec: Marilyn Spradling

Members: Laura Acosta, Debra Barton, Mary Bingenheimer, Lisa Cole, Dannielle Fish, Angela Nevitt, Michelle Oropeza, Pam Pool, Cory Rogers, Monica Sago, Brittany Housley, Michaela Howald and Linda Laboy

 Workers With Pride
WWP Logo
A sub-committee of the Civil & Human Rights Committee: 
Chairperson: Keith Haile
Rec. Sec: Cory Rogers
Fin. Sec: Lucas Napiorkowski

Members: Allison Holt, Valerie Hanserd, Edwin Smith, Raymond Smith, Stacey Cheek, Patricia Bonner, Tanya Noble, 
Nichelle Cooper-Cruz, Johnny Cruz, and Carrie Coleman




Chairperson: Lisa Cole

Members: Trina Holmes, Terry E. Patterson, Courtney Lockett, G J Jones, Gabriella Guetterman, Reggie Hereford, Alex Lerma,Tammy Livingston, Ryan Hermann, Carol Harris, Jason Logan, Carla Durr, Kym Collier, Jeanette Curry and Joshua Mayborne




As a Member you play a vital role because the members are the highest authority in the UAW. At our union meetings you decide by vote how the local union’s money is spent, what motions are passed and what business is conducted. 
As a Member: YOU
  • Elect your OWN Local Union Officers
  • Run your OWN Local Union Affairs
  • Elect your OWN Negotiating Team
  • Vote on your OWN  Union Contract
  • Elect your OWN Grievance Handlers
The membership is the FINAL VOICE of authority and decision in our UAW Union. As a UAW member, one of the easiest things you can do is attend the monthly union meetings. Union meetings will keep you informed - reports are given, decisions are made and you may ask questions and then vote on what you think should be done. You can also join a standing committee which deals with a variety of subjects from recreation to education,from community service to grass roots political action.  No matter how little time you have to contribute, there is something for every member.
Sat Aug 24 @04:00 -
Musical Evening
Mon Aug 26
Unit 14 syncreon II Shift Meeting
Mon Aug 26 @05:30 -
Unit 12 Boone County Clerks Shift Meeting
Tue Aug 27
Unit 5 syncreon Shift Meeting
Wed Aug 28 @02:30 -
Womens Committee Meeting
Wed Aug 28 @02:30 -
Sportsmen's Committee Meeting
Thu Aug 29
Unit 4 Android Shift Meeting
Thu Aug 29 @12:00 -
Retiree Chapter Meeting