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How to Submit a Bylaw Change



Section 1.  The Bylaws of this Amalgamated Local Union shall, at all times, be subordinate and subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the International Union, as such constitution now exists or may from time to time hereafter be altered or amended.  In the event of any conflict, the Constitution of the International Union shall govern.

Section 2.  These Bylaws may be amended by presenting a motion in writing setting forth the amendment(s) sought, to the local’s Recording Secretary, prior to a Membership Meeting.

  1. That motion will then be presented to the Chairperson of the Bylaws Committee. The Bylaws Committee shall review and discuss the motion, as well as offer suggestions to the member who presented the motion, if necessary, for the purpose of conformity with the International U.A.W. Constitution as well as understandability and clarity.
  2. The motion shall be read to the following Membership Meeting in the form of a first reading.
  3. Said bylaw will be reported to the succeeding Membership Meeting and a notice of shall be posted describing the particular Bylaw Amendments that will be considered. Upon a quorum and if approved by (2/3) of the membership vote by secret ballot thereon at this succeeding meeting, the amendment shall be considered adopted by the membership.
  4. Should the Bylaws Committee need more time for reviewing and verifying conformity with the International Constitution before the first reading; the “reading” will occur at the next possible Membership Meeting.

Section 3. Resubmitting of an amendment that changes a specific article or section cannot be done for a period of six (6) months.

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