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WageWorks benefits

HEALTHCARE REIMBURSEMENT/HRA (In-Progression Employees Only) – WageWorks 877-924-3967 or access through Dashboard) processes the claims for your HRA account. If you are having issues with your HRA accounts, please inform the Benefits office.


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HRA Accounts - FOR NEW HIRE HOURLY EMPLOYEES HIRED AFTER 10/29/2007 HEALTHCARE REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT (HRA ACCOUNT) Annual Credits of $300 for Single Coverage and $600 for Family Coverage
This is NOT a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) because employees do NOT make contributions to this account. The company provides annual credits to the Healthcare Reimbursement Account (HRA). It is a "Use It or Lose It" service. That means if you have eligible expenses that you incurred in the current year of the account and do not submit the eligible expense by the deadline, you will not get reimbursed for expenses for the year the expenses were incurred. You can access your HRA account by using Dashboard or entering in your browser.
  • Click on "My Benefits" (lower left in blue box) 
  • Click on the US Flag
  • Click on first selection. You will be routed to Benefit Connect website
  • Click on the "Health Care Reimbursement Account"

The following information is needed if using a billing document receipt:

  • Type of service
  • Date of service
  • Provider's information (name, address, phone number)
  • Patient's name
  • Amount of services rendered

Payment will be made by check and sent by mail unless you input your banking information. You must have the name of your bank, routing and account number, go to "Take Action" on the HRA page on the right side, click on "Edit Your Profile" and enter the banking information. You can also enter your email address and cell number to receive status update by email and text.

*All claims for the current year can be submitted until April 30th of the following year. 

**Prescriptions are set up for auto-reimbursement when used through the pharmacy benefit. You will receive a check unless direct deposit is set up.

***Effective since 1/1/2011, Over the Counter (OCT) medicine will no longer be eligible for reimbursement unless prescribed by a physician.


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