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Unit 1 Benefits

Active Delta Dental

Alternative ID Numbers Offer Extra Protection

Instead of using your social security number you can request an alternative ID number from delta dental. You can call 1-800-524-0149 or go to


Delta Dental In Progession Employees

"In Progression" employees that have acquired 1 year of seniority are now eligible for 1 oral exam and 1 routine cleaning per year through Delta Dental of Michigan covered at 100% when using a Delta Dental PPO dentist. Full dental benefits begin after you have acquired 3 full years of seniority. It is your responsibility to make sure you are using a Delta Dental PPO provider ( or 1-888-293-8271).
Wed May 30 @05:00 -
Sportsmen's Committee Meeting
Wed May 30 @05:00 -
Womens Committee Meeting
Thu May 31 @05:00 -
Unit 4 Android Shift Meeting
Thu May 31 @12:00 -
Retiree Chapter Meeting