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 Please make sure to read these instructions!! The maximum benefit for anyone in the state of IL is $484 per week (this does not include dependents). As soon as you earn over that amount, you are considered ineligible! Remember, you may only certify on your day or else wait until Thursday and Friday. Everyone should be certifying during the week of January 27-31. If you have a part-time job, you are required to enter that amount for the weeks in question as well. Everyone who filed a claim needs to certify to have the claim count!!! This includes getting credit for a waiting week!

To begin, go to the website and select the 2nd picture from the left which reads “I need to certify for my unemployment benefits”. Go to the bottom of the next screen and click on “Certify for benefits”. Logon with your user name and password and verify the weeks you’re certifying for. If it’s not your day, it won’t let you on.

DID YOU RECEIVE HOLIDAY PAY? Everyone needs to make sure that they answer this question properly. For FCA workers who were laid off both weeks, the answer is “NO”. For members who work at Syncreon and Adient, you will need to properly claim the holiday pay you receive. Unfortunately, this does deduct dollar for dollar automatically from your IDES benefit.

DID YOU WORK?   For the majority of people, the answer to this question will be “NO” for the week of 01/12/2020 through 01/18/202 and “NO” for the week of 01/19/202 through 01/25/2020. ***There are several people who went back to work the second week. For those people, this is where you will need to answer “YES” and put your earnings for the week in. (You can use anything over $500 if you are not sure of your total amount. Remember that as soon as you earn over your benefit amount it closes your claim). Additionally, if you have a second job that you worked at during the layoff, you are required by law to claim any earnings so please make sure to.

Remember that you will always answer “YES” when it asks if you were able and available for work. If it asks if you actively looked for work, you will also answer “YES”. When it asks if you refused any offers of work you will always answer “NO”. The rest of the questions will be “No” for 95% of the membership, but make sure to read them and answer them accordingly.

As always, I recommend using the website. The phone certification number is 312-338-4337. It is quicker and safer to use the website. Everyone that informed me they made a mistake certifying last time, did so using the phone system. We have computers and help available at the hall.

United We Stand Strong,
Michael G. Moe 
Financial Secretary UAW Local 1268

Instructions for filing your SUB Benefits (Unit 1)



*SUB and Unemployment combined is 74% of a workers gross weekly pay. Depending on how much money you receive from unemployment will determine the amount of SUB

received. If you receive 74% of your gross weekly pay from unemployment you will NOT receive SUB.



  • DO NOT REQUEST PAYOUT OF ANY VACATION PAY OR PAA DURING THE LAYOFF PERIOD. YOU WILL BE DENIED SUB!! We stress every time the plant is down but there are several members who get caught in this situation. MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOU!!
  • Temporary Employees do not qualify for SUB benefits per the contract.
  • The majority of members served a waiting week in January 2020. Therefore, when your unemployment benefits are paid SUB automatically generates to pay out (you do not have to scan your UI Findings sheet). If you are serving a waiting week in February you will need to scan your UI Finding Sheet which you can upload from your laptop, computer or tablet and submit through Dashboard or use the kiosk at the plant. Note: The first day you will be able to submit a manual request for SUB will be Monday, February 24, 2020.
  • The week ending date is always the Saturday of the layoff week.
  • You have 75 calendar days to request SUB. Starting from Sunday, February 16, 2020.
  • SUB and Unemployment Benefits combined is 74% of your base earnings (Example: $22.00 x .74 x 40 hrs. = $651.20. If your unemployment benefit including the Dependent Allowance is over 74% of your base earning, you will not receive SUB. Everyone's SUB amount is different!
  • You must report all earnings other than FCA earnings. SUB will be reduced for every dollar you earn from other employment earnings.
  • Allow SUB 2 weeks to payout.
  • If you have any questions. contact the Benefits office immediately.



Charrise/815-547-2468  Valerie/815-547-2460 Dave/815-547-2118




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