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 Unemployment Information July 22, 2019


Important Benefit Info for 2019 Indefinite Layoff (Unit 1)


***EXTREMELY IMPORTANT*** EVERYONE MUST FILE A NEW CLAIM. When you logon to the I.D.E.S. website, you may find a red message at the top of the screen telling you that you have a claim active…IGNORE THIS. EVERYONE MUST FILE A NEW CLAIM. Anytime you have a period of work, you need to open a new/ additional claim. IF YOU ARE CLAIMING DEPENDANTS YOU MUST HAVE YOUR YOUNGEST CHILDS’ SSN  #.

***2ND EXTREMELY IMPORTANT*** YOU MUST ADD THE ADDITIONAL PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT WHEN YOU GET TO THE “MY EMPLOYMENT HISTORY” SCREEN. Failure to do this will result in NOT getting unemployment benefits. For almost everyone filing, your new period of employment will be 11/13 (14 for B shift)/2018- 07/19/2019 (FCA employees contractually were required to use vacation pay for the past 2 weeks). This period of time is a 32-week span in which you would have worked 140 days. Also remember that we are all considered to be production occupation which is #51. These are your answers to those relevant questions.

Everyone needs to remember that this is always a 2-step process. You must file for unemployment on the week you are laid off on the website, and you must then certify for those benefits 2 weeks later on your certification day (or Thursday/ Friday if you miss your day). If you do not complete both steps, YOU GET NOTHING FROM UNEMPLOYMENT.

At this point most everyone has already been through the filing process, so I will simply key on what your answers should be on questions some people aren’t sure of. On the first page make sure that your address and phone number are correct. Questions 8 & 9 should both be answered “YES”.

The 2nd page is the “My Personal Information” page. If you are not a U.S. citizen YOU MUST HAVE YOUR WORK AUTHORIZATION CARD WITH YOU!!! You must have the SSN # of your youngest child for question 14 if you are claiming dependents. If you are claiming a non-working spouse, YOU MUST HAVE THEIR SSN # AND BIRTH DATE.

The 3rd page is the “My Employment History” page. THIS IS WHERE YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU CLICK THE “ADD ADDITIONAL PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT” TAB IF THE LAST DAY WORKED LISTED IS NOT YOUR ACTUAL LAST DAY OF WORK. Please go back and look at the second paragraph of these instructions for the answers to the questions after you click on the “add additional period of employment” tab. Once you have filled out the new information, you will be back on the “my employment history” page. When you have the correct information in, click “no” to continue to the next page.

The 4th page is the “My Occupation” page. The answer to question 1 is “none of the above”. For question 2, answer YES you have a return to work date. As of now we are only laid off FOR 1 WEEK. You should enter a return to work date of 07/29/2019.

The final page with questions is the “my income and training information”. The important things for this page are as follows… 1. If you are collecting a pension from anywhere, MAKE SURE TO HAVE THAT INFORMATION WITH YOU. 2. IF YOU ARE A STUDENT TAKING CLASSES, YOU WILL SAVE YOURSELF A MAJOR HEADACHE BY CHECKING “NO” WHEN IT ASKS IF YOU ARE ATTENDING SCHOOL. Please remember that unemployment is set-up for people who are without a job long term. As a requirement for them to collect benefits they must be actively looking for work OR attending school. If you have a definite return to work date within 6 weeks then you are not required to perform a work search, however if you indicate when you file or certify that you did not look for work then you will be automatically rejected for benefits.

The final page is where you get to double check your application for unemployment benefits. ***MAKE SURE AGAIN THAT THE LAST DAY OF WORK LISTED AS INSTRUCTED*** When everything is correct, click the box and file your claim. VERY IMPORTANT, MAKE SURE THAT IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PRINT OFF A COPY OF YOUR APPLLICATION THAT YOU WRITE DOWN THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER. Make sure that at bare minimum you record the confirmation number in case there are any future issues.

If you filed previously using an out of state license, you may have had to fill out a questionnaire and return it to I.D.E.S. with a copy of your license and Social Security card. There have been issues even with people who turned in the required ID’s. If you think there is still a problem, the best way to resolve it is to call the I.D.E.S. helpline at 1-800-244-5631.

As always, we will have computers available at the Union Hall for anyone who needs assistance. BRING YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD WITH YOU! The Hall hours are 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The Hall number is 815-544-2111. When I have people here, I do not take calls until they have been helped.   I do return calls, however if you need something on Monday or Tuesday it will likely not be until late in the day.

United We Stand Strong,

Michael Moe, Financial Secretary UAW Local 1268


If you have any questions concerning Unemployment please contact Mike Moe, Finacial Secretary, 815-544-2111. For Unit 1 SUB questions please contact the Benefit Reps. Dave Ingram 815-547-2118, Charrise Staten 815-547-2468 or Valerie Hanserd 815-547-2460.

Instructions for filing your SUB Benefits (Unit 1)



*SUB and Unemployment combined is 74% of a workers gross weekly pay. Depending on how much money you receive from unemployment will determine the amount of SUB received. If you receive 74% of your gross weekly pay from unemployment you will NOT receive SUB.


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