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 Unemployment for Shift Cut May 2019

Important Benefit Info for 2019 Indefinite Layoff (Unit 1)


This sheet will include important things to remember for all employees who will be filing for unemployment. The UAW hall in Belvidere will have computers available to assist with filing during the first week. The weeks following the initial filing, we will have computers available to help with putting a resume on the website (this is a requirement for everyone filing) as well as for help with online job searches. Additionally, we will be able to help people with certifying for benefits every two weeks. We are also working in conjunction with the State to do a “Resume Building” workshop at the Union Hall on Tuesday, May 14th at 10 a.m. I will have a signup sheet at the Community Building meetings on April 24th and 25th to gauge interest in this help (possibly adding additional dates), I highly recommend it.

To begin, all employees who will be claiming dependents MUST BRING THE SSN # of the dependents they are claiming. It doesn’t matter if you previously filed and gave IDES their SSN #. You must have it every time you file. Please make sure to bring the information with you when you file.

Please keep in mind that in order to collect Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits from IDES, you must follow their requirements. The big ones are that everyone must file a resume on the joblink site and also be actively looking for employment. A minimum of three different locations per week are suggested for as long as you are collecting UI benefits. Unemployment considers your full-time job while unemployed to be looking for employment. As mentioned above, we have a resume workshop scheduled at the hall on May 14th. Additionally, we are attempting to set up a job fair at the hall sometime in May. We will have a limited number of computers available at the hall for work search purposes as well.

When filing for unemployment, please make sure to read carefully through everything. On the first page, 99% of you will find all of the questions already answered. Please go over them and make sure that your address is correct, your phone number is correct, and remember to answer the question regarding tax withholding appropriately. UI benefits are a taxable income, if you choose to not have money withheld, you are still responsible for claiming the income at the end of the year.

When you get to the “Employment history” screen, your most recent start date will be your first day back to work after your last layoff. For most of you, this will be either 11/13/2018 for A & C shift employees, or 11/14/2018 for B shift employees. Your last day of work will be either 05/02/2019 or 05/04/2019. As of May 6, that will mean that most of you have worked 25 weeks in this employment period for 100 days (this is only a ballpark figure, if you were out for an extended period adjust it accordingly). For reason of separation, everyone should answer LAID OFF (lack of work). If anyone has been paid lost time by the Union in this time period, make sure that your last day worked for the Union is prior to your last day worked at your employer (there shouldn’t be anyone being paid by the Union on their last day).

On the occupation page, remember that UAW 1268 does not give work assignments like a trade’s hall would. Your correct answer is “None of the Above”. The final page to fill is the “Income and training” page. For the vast majority of people, all answers will be “No”. Read carefully and if any apply to you, you will need to answer them. Remember that if you are receiving a pension you will need all of that information to fill out a questionnaire you will be directed to. At this point, we have applied for TAA benefits but are awaiting a decision from the Department of Labor. Therefore, everyone should be answering “No” to the question about Trade Act Benefits for now. If something changes, we will inform IDES of the change.

When you get to the last page, please make sure to open the employment tab and confirm that your last day of work is properly listed. If your last day is not listed, go back and put it in. Once you check the box and submit your claim, PRINT IT OUT FOR YOUR RECORDS!!! Your joblink information will be on the first page printed. If for some reason you can’t print it out, make sure to record your filing number (top left corner) as well as your login information to the joblink site. Remember there is no pay until you certify for benefits 2 weeks after you file. Your certification day will still be the same day given to you during previous layoffs. If you miss your day, remember that Thursday and Friday are the makeup days. Remember if you are working a part-time job to accurately report all pre-tax earnings. You can make up to half or your unemployment benefit (not including dependent allowance) without any affect. Then you would lose dollar for dollar until you hit your benefit amount. At that point you would be ineligible.

Please make sure to take advantage of the services being offered. We have also been contacted by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s office informing us that they are in need of Corrections Officers. If anyone is interested in further information on them, please contact me at the Union Hall 815-544-2111. Additionally, for our Veterans who are being laid off, please visit the resource center located at the Rockford unemployment office as there is additional help available for you. A reminder that the general phone number for unemployment is 1-800-244-5631.

               In Solidarity,
               Michael G. Moe
               Financial Secretary UAW Local 1268


If you have any questions concerning Unemployment please contact Mike Moe, Finacial Secretary, 815-544-2111. For Unit 1 SUB questions please contact the Benefit Reps. Dave Ingram 815-547-2118, Charrise Staten 815-547-2468 or Valerie Hanserd 815-547-2460.

Instructions for filing your SUB Benefits (Unit 1)



*SUB and Unemployment combined is 74% of a workers gross weekly pay. Depending on how much money you receive from unemployment will determine the amount of SUB received. If you receive 74% of your gross weekly pay from unemployment you will NOT receive SUB.


I have been given a definite return to work date, should I put that in when I file?

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