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Instructions for filing your SUB Benefits (Unit 1)



*SUB and Unemployment combined is 74% of a workers gross weekly pay. Depending on how much money you receive from unemployment will determine the amount of SUB received. If you receive 74% of your gross weekly pay from unemployment you will NOT receive SUB.


I have been given a definite return to work date, should I put that in when I file?

Sun Nov 18 @03:00 -
Movie Night
Mon Nov 19 @05:00 -
Unit 1 FCA Shift Meeting
Tue Nov 20 @05:00 -
Executive Board Meeting
Wed Nov 21 @05:00 -
Workers With Pride Meeting
Sun Nov 25 @12:15 -
Union Label Committee Meeting
Mon Nov 26 @05:00 -
Unit 14 syncreon II Shift Meeting
Mon Nov 26 @05:30 -
Unit 12 Boone County Clerks Shift Meeting
Tue Nov 27
Unit 5 syncreon Shift Meeting
Wed Nov 28 @05:00 -
Womens Committee Meeting
Wed Nov 28 @05:00 -
Unit 4 Android Shift Meeting