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If I work a part-time job how does it affect my unemployment?

  1. You may earn up to half of your weekly benefit (just the benefit amount, don’t include any dependent allowance) without any loss. After that you will lose dollar for dollar what you earn. When you get to your benefit amount in earnings, your claim will be shut off and you will have to refile the next week you don’t have earnings equal to your benefit amount.

I live out of state and had problems in the past with identity verification. Will this still affect me?

  1. I am hopeful that by now anyone who had that issue has been able to get it resolved. If for any reason you do not receive money from IDES by the 4th day after you certify, CALL THE IDES HELPLINE 1-800-244-5631. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will become to get everything fixed.

When should I file for unemployment?

  1. You should file for unemployment on the first week that you are not receiving income equal to your unemployment benefit. For FCA full-time workers with at least one year of seniority, this will be the week beginning Monday January 9, 2017. This is because those employees will receive holiday pay for January 2nd and short work week pay for the rest of the week. If you have less than a year/ are part time/ work for a supplier unit which will be returning, then you may file for unemployment the first week of January. If you get holiday pay for January 2nd, you will have to claim it.

I have been given a definite return to work date, should I put that in when I file?

  1. NO, NO, NO!!! With a shutdown for changeover like this is, there is not a 100% definite return to work date. If you put in a date to go back and something happens that extends the layoff for a few more weeks, then you will have to jump through more hoops with unemployment to get paid for those additional weeks. Everyone should check “NO” when it asks if you have a return to work date for this layoff.

Do I have to fulfill the work search requirement during the layoff?

  1. I am hopeful that we won’t. I.D.E.S. rules’ state that for any layoff in excess of 10 weeks, all claimants must perform the job search. In addition to my own letter to the Governor, Representative Litesa Wallace also sent a letter to the Governor which was co-signed by Representatives Sosnowki and Cabello as well as Senator Stadelman. (Please thank them if you see them). We are waiting to hear from the Governor. In the past this has not been an issue, however this Governor does not adhere much to past practices. As of now, we are hopeful and proceeding as though he will grant the waiver. If he doesn’t, please make sure to check in periodically with the UAW 1268 website located at If the Governor declines to waive the job search I will post specifics on what will be required on the website.

Will the hall be open to assist in filing my claim?

  1. The hall will be open normal hours 8:00 am- 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday. We will be closed on Monday January 2nd in observation of the holiday. The computer lab will be up and running as normal.

My unemployment benefit year will run out in January/ April while we are on layoff. Do I need to take any extra steps once it does?

  1. Yes, but not too much. When your benefit claim year expires while you are collecting unemployment. I.D.E.S. will send you a new UI Findings sheet (for full-time FCA employees this is the paper that you use to scan for SUB benefits). Read the new UI Findings sheet (specifically when it tells you your next certification date). Depending on how your weeks fall, you may have to certify on back to back weeks, but then you will go back to certifying every two weeks as usual.

On my UI Findings sheet I received an error code 607B stating that I didn’t have enough earnings. What do I do?

  1. For this problem, please call me. I can get this problem fixed as it is an ongoing computer glitch with unemployment. Call and give me your claimant ID # located in the top right of your UI Findings sheet and I will be able to get it corrected.

What if I am having a more complicated issue with my unemployment?

  1. The quickest way to find out what issue you are having with unemployment is to call the 800-helpline listed earlier. I do not have access to the state system. By dialing that number, you can speak with someone who has your information on a computer screen in front of them. If, after you are told what your issue is you need assistance in rectifying the situation, then call me at the hall 815-544-2111.

Can I claim my dependents if I don’t have their SSN #?

  1. You can claim any children under 17 without their SSN as long as you have the name of the youngest child and their birthday. For Children over 18 who have an illness or injury and to claim a non-working spouse you must have their SSN # at the time of filing.


It is quite possible that there may be further questions. Please contact me at the hall before we shut down for Christmas with your personal unemployment issues.  The office number is 815-544-2111 and I will be in all this week.  Once we get to January I won’t get to the phone very much as I will be assisting in our makeshift unemployment lab.  Remember that it doesn’t matter if you file Monday or Friday as long as you file on the week you are supposed to file.  If you need extra one on one assistance I would recommend coming to the hall on Thursday or Friday.  The first couple of days I will be proctoring, but everyone who comes will be expected to at least try to file on their own.

United We Stand Strong,

Michael Moe Financial Secretary UAW 1268

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