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The following will be bullet point instructions for this layoff.

  1. All members MUST file on the week of layoff. If you do not file during the week you are laid off, you will not receive pay. I can’t be any clearer about this.
  2.  If you are claiming dependents, you MUST bring the SSN for whomever you are claiming.
  3. The website is The phone help line is 1-800-244-5631.
  4. When you reach the employment history screen, READ IT AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! It will tell you if you have worked for any of your listed employers since 07/XX/2019, YOU MUST ADD AN ADDITIONAL PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT!!!
    1. For almost everyone this will mean that your most recent start date will be 07/29/2019. Your last day of work will be listed as 08/23/2019. During that timespan you will have worked 20 days at 5 days a week for a total of 4 weeks having earned $XXX. You are laid off (lack of work) and you are production occupation, number 51.
  5. When you get to the next page, UAW 1268 is NOT a hiring hall that gives out work assignments! The correct answer for that first question is “none of the above”.
  6. Remember to answer “YES” to the “do you have a return to work date” question. Your return to work is 09/03/2019.
  7. On the final page, answer “NO” to the will you receive Holiday Pay” question. That will not be until the second week. You will deal with that when you certify.
  8. If you have a pension, you must bring that information with you as always to enter.
  9. If you are in school or taking classes, answer “NO” the question that asks if you are. (The only exception would be if you are just now being indefinitely laid off and are a full-time student).
  10. When you get to the final page, be sure to check these 2 main things!!
    1. That you are looking at your last day of work in the employment section.
    2. That your return to work date is properly listed in the occupation section.
    1. If something happens and you can’t see a confirmation number try this…. Log in again and try to “File My Claim”. If it tells you that your “claim is being processed” it went through an you can call unemployment to get your confirmation number. If it lets you start filing again, it means it didn’t take and you have to fill it out again and submit.


We will have a dozen computers available at the hall for this layoff as we were able to get enough of a notice from the company. Please come with your user name and password ready to move things quicker. Remember that unemployment paying you (after you certify) is the trigger for SUB pay. For any direct SUB questions, please contact the Benefit Reps. 

                                                            United We Stand Strong 

                                                            Michael G. Moe Financial Secretary UAW Local 1268

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